Wedding Live Painting

Imagine your wedding day captured on canvas, in real time, that will last beyond a lifetime. Nataliya Tyaglo, can come to your wedding and create a painting depicting your ceremony, your reception,  your first dance, and most importantly,  the spirit of your day in a work of art that can be hung in your home and remind you of your celebration everyday after…

Take a look at examples , watch a videoclip and check general  rates below:

First Dance with touch ups in the artist's studio

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Meet the artist and learn more about Wedding Live Painting in this video clip:

Call 415.972.9637 or email  to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your event preferences or a personalized gift card for you best friend or family member.

2017  Rates:

Rates generally start from $3000 – $10,00 depending on painting size, amount of detail,  season, and location.

A few popular sizes  include:

18×24” Standard Painting – a standard size canvas that is easy to hang, frame and transport!

This size will fit just about anywhere, from a small urban apartment to your luggage. Also most frame shops also carry frames that fit 16×20” artwork which means  you can save time and money on custom framing! If you don’t have large walls of if you plan to move soon, this size may be a great option!

Ceremony 16x20 Allison and Saimeng-Just Married at Four Seasons-Langkawi-16x20-email

24×36” Medium Painting
a medium canvas that can make a great centerpiece in your home!

This size can make a significant presence at your wedding and in your home! It is  large enough to paint in significant details, additional portraits, or facial expressions of you most loved family members and guests.


36×48″ Large Painting –  a large canvas that allows the event to be captured with fresh energy and detail while making a significant impression in your home

This size is great for capturing a medium – large wedding celebration, your venue’s unique details, your family, frineds, and loved one and make a true impression during your wedding and years after in your new home. 

Martina and Oisin-NataliyaTyaglo-Carmel

Other Options and Sizes include: “24×48” 30×48, and Triptychs (multiple painting options)

Nataliya can add additional portraits of your family and friends to your painting wether or not they were present or visible at the wedding. Also, if you have symbolic decor or details that you would like to be painted into your piece, the artists can incorporate these from your photos in her studio.

* Please note that all Live Painting Performance reservations require a 33% non-refundable deposit of the total estimated cost which will be counted towards your total billing amount.
** Local Live Painting Performances take place within 50 miles of  Lake Tahoe
For other national and international events, yes I  travel!
Travel fees depend on the event location and time of the year. These can be discussed during the initial phone consultation.

Cancellation Policy:

Stuff happens, life changes. To reschedule or cancel a Wedding Live Painting reservation, advance notice pays off.
For local events, cancellations made a week prior to the event date will receive a full refund (except for the non-refundable deposit). If less than a one week notice is given, a 50% refund will be given. Cancellations made within 24 hrs prior to the scheduled event, will be charged in full.
For all other national and international events cancellations made 4 weeks prior to the event date will receive a full refund (except for the non-refundable deposit). If less than a 4 weeks notice is given, a 50% refund will be given. Cancellation made within 48 hrs prior to the scheduled event, will be charged in full.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Live Painting? What is the history behind it?
Live Painting is an improvisational performance in which a visual artist, over a short period of time, creates a painting to in front of an audience. Unlike a traditional setting in which a painter works privately in an enclosed studio over an extended period of time and shares his or her work only after it is completed in a gallery or another exhibition setting, Live Painting allows the audience to watch the creative process unfold from beginning to completion within a short period of time in a public setting.
One of the first well known recorded Live Painting events was done during the 1976 Summer Olympics by LeRoy Neiman. In 1990’s Live Painting began to evolve from the street and graffiti art scene. Today, Live Painting is a growing movement among visual artists around the world. With each artist bringing his own style each performance is unique, amusing and revolutionizing.

Why choose Nataliya Tyaglo to live paint at your event?
Nataliya Tyaglo is a professional Live Painter with a great eye for capturing  people’s character and the atmoshpher of a place. With experience drawing speed portraits, performing live painting at entertainment venues, and many years of painting outdoors, she paints quickly, adapts easily to the energy of the event, and captivates her audience by capturing unique moments in a colorful and dynamic composition depicting your event.
She is also easy to work with and can listen to you in various languages (including English, Russian, Ukrianian, or Spanish).  Her goal is to create top quality artwork and she will listen to all of your preferences to create a work of art that you will be proud of and will treasure for many years.
If you want something different, unique and valuable to capture the energy at your event, Nataliya Tyaglo is the artist to contact.

What needs to be provided for the artist at my event?
Not much! Just connect her with your wedding planner, tell the artist any preferences you may have  during your consultation, and allow the artist an area of about  6′ x 6′ at your wedding from where she can stand with her easel and create your painting.  If the wedding is held indoors, the artist will need an electrical outlet nearby for a light on her easel. Nataliya Tyaglo brings all live painting related materials including an easel, canvas, paint, brushes, palette, drop cloth, clip-on light, and a small table  for her art materials.

Does the paint smell, will there be any paint spills after the event?
No. Nataliya Tyaglo uses high quality acrylic fine art paint which are water-soluble and do not emit any odors. Her painting space is covered with drop cloths and plastic to prevent any paint from the surrounding areas.

How is acrylic different from oil paints?
Unlike oil paints, acrylic dries a lot faster and does not emit odors. Both are mediums are permanent and expected to last for hundreds of years.

Will the artist be annoyed if guests watch and ask questions as she paints?
No, Nataliya Tyaglo is accustomed to painting in public spaces and welcomes questions about her art and creative process during the event.

How much in advance do I need to book?
The earlier the better,  especially your wedding is on a Saturday. Most people book a few months before the wedding day. However if your wedding is only a few days away, give a call anyways. Nataliya Tyaglo  may be available, and if she is not, she’ll connect with a great artist who is.

How can I book a Live Wedding Painting as a gift?
A personalized gift card can be mailed or emailed to you friend or family member. Call or email to schedule a free consultation  to create a gift card that can be mailed or email to you or directly to your receiver.

How do I book a Nataliya Tyaglo to create a live painting at my wedding?
Call 415.972.9637 or email to schedule a free consultation to discuss the preferences of your event. Please note that the free consultation does not obligate you to make a reservation for a wedding live painting.