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Meet Nataliya Tyaglo!

(Aka: Talia Koval)


When  you see artwork with vibrant colors, dynamic movement, enriched with personal meaning, you are probably looking at a painting by Nataliya Tyaglo.

Originally from Ukraine, Nataliya Tyaglo (aka: Talia Koval) began painting en plein air, outdoors, capturing  landscapes of her hometown in Kyiv.  Early in life she learned about the value of observation and quick painting techniques as she studied the changes in light and four seasons.  After moving to the United States, she attended School of the Arts and began to collaborate and study with local and international artists including, Ian Ross from Mill Valley, CA Diedre Shibano in Napa, CA Mark Brown in Honolulu, Hawaii, and a nationally acclaimed Artist: Sergiy Ivanov in Lviv, Ukraine.

Her artwork  has been sold internationally and exhibited across the US including the De Young Museum in San Francisco,  The Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago, the House of Representatives in Washington, the San Francisco World Trade Center, the General Consulate of Ukraine in San Francisco,  Rocha Art, Art People Gallery , Francesca Gallery.  Today here work is part of a permanent exhibit at the Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago and can also be seen at Above and Beyond Lake Tahoe Gallery, in South Lake Tahoe where she is currently based.

Today, Nataliya is becoming known as one of the most vibrant Live Painters in USA; she  travels across the nation and over the oceans to create commissioned performance live paintings at special events including Weddings, Fashion shows, Concerts, Fundraisers, Private and Corporate Events.

When she is not traveling to live paint, she is either working on a painting project in her studio,  designing a mural for an office, or brings her easel and watercolors to explore the view outdoors from the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe  in her hiking shoes or skis.

Occasionally Nataliya leads watercolor workshops and private painting retreats.

To contact Nataliya call: 415. 972. 9637 or email:


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