“Musical Drawings & Paintings” Graphite and Oil

“Inspired by the sound of instrumental music, each drawing illustrates a particular music composition. Each drawing begins with a dance of the hand as it moves to the sound of a particular melody while leaving a pencil trace on paper. As the melody is played over and over, the trace of the hand’s movement across the paper forms a visual composition that you see in this growing collection of Musical Drawings.”

“Ukrainian Spirit-Beyond Borders” Oil on Canvas

“Ukrainian Spirit-Beyond Borders” is a series inspired by the artist’s recent 5 month trip to Ukraine where she explored various regions, researched Ukrainian Mythology, and studied painting in L’viv under a nationally acclaimed artist: Sergiy I. Ivanov.

“City Energy” Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

“City Energy” is an ongoing series from the artist’s social Live Painting Performances around the Bay Area. Inspired by the city streets and the  energy of an event  these paintings are usually created in a club or a concert like setting and completed within 3 hours.

“In the Open Air” Oil on Canvas

“Plein Air” (from the impressionist tradition of painting “in the open air”) these paintings are created under the open sky to capture nature’s various moods and a spirit of a particular place.

Live Painting Paintings and Performances