Live Painting

Imagine capturing your life or company event in a painting…

Experience and watch your event come to life in vibrant colors as Nataliya Tyaglo depicts your celebration in front of you your guests and keep the memory in a one-of -a kind work of art.  Book Nataliya Tyaglo to perform a personalized Live Painting or Live Drawing experience at your:

  •  Fundraiser, Charity Event
  • Anniversary, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañera
  • Corporate Convention, Grand Opening Celebration
  • Holiday Party
    Sports competition
  • Special private or public event

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Live Auction Fashion Show Oscar de la Renta NataliyaTyagloLive Painting can make a great Live Auction item – here is one from Oscar de le Renta’s Fashion show raising support for the League to Save Lake Tahoe

Alfa Romeo Tour - Live Painting by Nataliya TyagloLive Painting can be a make a great gift CEO, here is an example created during a luncheon of Alfa Romeo tour

Watch a clip from a previous Live Painting Performance:

Villa Rouge Grand Opening

Picture 10 of 10

I’d love to hear your vision and work with you to make it a reality! Schedule and phone consultation and lets discuss the possibilities!


* Please note that all Live Art Performance reservations require a 50% non-refundable deposit of the total estimated cost which will be counted towards your total billing amount.

** Travel Costs are included  for local events in Lake Tahoe, Reno, San Francisco. For other national and international events, yes I will travel!  Above rates apply, plus travel fees which depend on the event location and time of the year. These can be discussed during the initial free phone consultation.

Cancellation Policy:

Stuff happens, life changes. To reschedule or cancel a Live Painting reservation, advance notice pays off. Cancellations made two weeks prior to the event date will receive a 50% refund (except for the non-refundable deposit). If less than two weeks are given prior to the scheduled event, client will be charged in full.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Live Painting? What is the history behind it?

Live Painting is an improvisational performance in which a visual artist, usually accompanied by a DJ or live Music, over a short period of time, creates a painting in front of an audience. Unlike a traditional setting in which a painter works privately in an enclosed studio over an extended period of time and shares his or her  work in a gallery only after it is finished, in a Live Painting performance an artists lets the audience watch the painting process unfold from beginning to completion within a short period of time in a public setting.

One of the first well known recorded Live Painting events was done during the 1976 Summer Olympics by LeRoy Neiman. In 1990’s Live Painting began to evolve from the street and graffiti art scene. Today, Live Painting is a growing movement among visual artists around the world. With each artist bringing his own style each performance is unique, amusing and revolutionizing.

Why choose Nataliya Tyaglo to perform live art at your event?

Nataliya Tyaglo is a professional Live Artist who engages, entertains and welcomes her audience to become part of the creative process. She draws and paints quickly, adapts easily to the energy of the event, and captivates her audience easily by painting dynamically. Over a short period of time, she creates work that captures your guests and the special moment of your event.  If you want something extra special to and colorful to spice up the energy at your event, Nataliya Tyaglo is the artist to contact.

What needs to be provided for the artist at my event?

Although space and lighting accommodations may depend on the venue and the size of the desired painting, generally, the artist will need a minimum space of about 6′ x 6′ and an electrical outlet nearby (if the event is held indoors). Nataliya Tyaglo brings all live painting and drawing related materials including an easel, paper, canvas, charcoal, paint, brushes, palette, drop cloths, plastic, clip-on lights, and a small table for her art materials.

Does the paint smell, will there be any paint spills after the event?

No. Nataliya Tyaglo uses or acrylic fine art paint which are water-soluble and do not emit any odors. Her painting space is covered with drop cloths and plastic to prevent any paint from the surrounding areas.

Will the artist be annoyed if guests watch and ask questions as she paints?

No, Nataliya Tyaglo is accustomed to painting in public spaces and welcomes questions about her art and creative process during the event.

Do I get to keep the artwork?

Yes you do! Her artwork makes memorable record of your event! By the end of the event it is ready to hang in your home or office or  if you would like to auction off the artwork for your organization’s fundraising goals.

Is it possible to hire more than one artist at my event?

Yes, Nataliya Tyaglo is connected with many other Live Artists. Rates will vary depending on the number of artist requested, event location, and time of the year.

How do I book a live painting performance at my event?

Call at 415.972.9637, or email to schedule a free consultation to discuss the preferences of your event. Please note that the free consultation does not obligate you to make a reservation for a Live Art Performance.